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5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience in Hospitals

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If there is one thing that a person who is unwell requires, it has to be the humble and caring attitude of the people attending to him/her. Therefore, it is of prime importance that patients should have a good experience at the hospitals. Technology might have made the goal of achieving patient satisfaction easier to reach but the right approach is imperative to ensure that a patient has a positive experience when visiting a hospital. A good episode of the patient at the hospital is beneficial not only to the patient's health but also to the hospitals, which are in the business of treating customers. There are a number of ways which can help the hospitals improve the customer experience at the hospitals, some of them are listed below:

1.      The personal touch: Technology might have taken over systems almost everywhere including hospitals, but still the one-to-one human experience has not been beaten yet. A patient appreciates nothing more than good care and that can be given only by humans by means of politeness and respect.

2.      Presenting a combined front: When a patient visits the hospital, he/she is there to visit the organization of which all the personnel are a part of and would never like to traverse from one being to another in search of the right person to contact regarding the problem. So, all the personnel in the hospital must consider attending to the patient as their foremost duty, irrespective of the department they belong to. The staff should consider the condition of the patient and not cause him/her further distress. If the patient contacts the wrong staff, he/she must be ushered or appropriately directed to the right destination.

3.    Comfortable environment: If a patient visits the hospital, it is sure that the person is in some form of discomfort; such discomfort must be addressed rather than enhanced by the infrastructure of the place. Therefore, enough care should be given to the infrastructure of the hospital to ensure that each wing has its own amenities which would soothe the discomfort of their respective clients.

4.     Convenience: The patient is already ailing with some problem, and should not be expected to wait in long queues or re-narrate their issues. Today’s technology provides us with certain systems such as prior appointment booking systems, proper queue management systems as well as the digital maintenance of records that must be imbibed by the hospital to ensure the maximization of patient convenience.

5.      Empathize: Patients might feel uncomfortable in describing the disease and its symptoms; therefore the staff and the doctors must provide the patient with psychological assurance and comfort to open up about the same. If the patient feels comfortable in talking to the personnel at the hospital, he/she would be able to discuss the problem in a better manner which would surely lead to a better experience and a better diagnosis for the patient.

The above said pointers will not cure the patient of the disease, but they will make the patient feel less stressed about their problem and in turn work for the benefit of the patient and the hospital as well.

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