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The heart and the heartbeats of a human gives the inkling of a new life. The heart of parents sink when they hear the news that a child is born with a defect or hole in the heart.

Appalling Right!


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What is defect/hole in the heart?

It is an inborn defect in the heart’s structure that is exists at the time of birth. The heart of a human has two sides and four chambers which are separated by an inner wall called the septum. As heartbeats, the oxygen-poor blood received from various organs of the body reaches the right side of the heart and is pumped into the lungs. The blood in the lungs are purified and mixed with oxygen and is pumped back into the body through the left side of heart.


The septum or the wall in between prohibits mixing of the blood of the two sides. Unfortunately, some babies are born with hole/s in the septum which pass the blood from the left to right and mix the oxygen-rich blood with the impure blood. As a result, some oxygen-rich blood is pumped to the lungs instead of the body causing mixing of pure and impure blood.


Causes of Hole in the heart:-

Most of the time, doctors are clueless about why congenital heart defects occur. Few of the causes of the hole in the heart are –


Heredity - A parent who has this defect is slightly more likely to have a child who has the problem.

Genetic Disorder - Children with genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, often have defects in their heart.

Smoking – Woman who does smoking during their pregnancy also causes chances of heart defects.


Symptoms of Hole in the heart:-

As the child grows, signs and symptoms occur; a heart murmur and/or an unusual sound of the heartbeat is heard by a doctor with stethoscope. However, not all heart murmurs are dangerous; only doctors can say whether the defect is dangerous or not.


Signs and symptoms:-


  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tiring easily during physical activity or while playing
  • A buildup of blood and fluid in the lungs leading to cough
  • Swelling of ankle, abdomen and veins of neck

Treatment of defect/hole in the heart:-

The treatment of this problem depends on the type, location, and size of the defect/hole. Other factors are child's age, size, and general health.


Usually, minor operative procedures help in closing these defects in the wall or septum of the heart.


Catheter Procedure:-

This is easier and widely accepted procedure on patients. Doctor inserts a thin and flexible tube called Catheter into a vein from the groin. A small balloon or a stitch is usually performed to close the hole in the heart. Within 6 months, normal tissue grows in and over the balloon and this does not need to be replaced or removed as the child grows.


Surgical procedure:-

In very severe but rare cases, open heart surgery is recommended by the doctors where the hole is life-threatening for the child. During this surgery, the cardiac surgeon makes an incision (cut) in the chest to reach the defect and repairs it with a special patch that covers the hole.


Life after surgery:-

Regular checkups and tests are required to see whether the defect or hole closes or gets smaller. Because, more than half of the defects eventually close, by the time the child is in preschool.


Some extra measures are required for these children. Doctors usually recommend special feedings such as high-calorie formulas or breast milk supplements that give babies extra nourishment.


According to various studies, over the past few decades, children having simple congenital heart defects survive and lead a normal and healthy life.


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