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Identifying the Primary Indicators of Alzheimer’s

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One of the greatest fears of old age is the number of ailments one might catch and among the worst of the diseases that one can stumble upon is Alzheimer’s. For those who are aware of this disease the name in itself creates the fear of the unsure future that lies ahead of us. This is a degenerative disease that starts slow but eventually worsens and as it worsens we become the most probable patient for dementia. This disease boasts of disrupting memory and other important mental functions. Most commonly found in ages above 60, the disease makes the life of the patient extremely uneasy by making him lose the capacity to perform basic functions throughout the day. The problem subsequently makes the family of the patient also suffer the state of the patient. Though there is no cure for the disease as yet, but an early detection might help ease some of the symptoms and the right prescription can slow down the progress of the disease. Certain signs that can be looked out for detection of the disease have been listed below

·  Memory loss: The most primitive sign/symptom of this disease is that the patient has problems in remembering dates and events. The patient seeks help through setting reminders for tasks which were easily manageable earlier without any device. The more recent the information the harder it is to remember.

·  Problem solving and planning are challenging: Keeping track of monthly bills and recipes that have been frequently used is a challenge and working with numbers is definitely a task beyond comprehension.

·  Problems in daily life: When a patient is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he faces a challenge in completing even the most basic tasks throughout the day. Simple tasks like reading and following directions seem to require herculean efforts. Time and place lose their essence and more often than not the patient finds himself/herself lost in the middle of nowhere without any inclination as to how he/she got there and where he/she was going. The situation worsens with time and the patient cannot even differentiate between colours.

·  Difficulty with the spoken and the written word: Conversations are difficult as the patient might frequently forget what was being discussed, or what was the point that he/she wanted to put across. Most of the vocabulary is lost.

·  Misplacement of things an everyday routine: The patient might lose track of where they keep their things to the extent that they might even accuse people of stealing them. Retracing one's steps from or to a place are also almost impossible tasks.

·  Decreased judgement: Less attention to oneself and extreme difficulty in decision making are also some of the magnanimous effects of this disease. Mistakes involving money are common.

·  Introvert turn to social behavior: In the initial stages of the disease the patient draws back from social gatherings and events and prefers to stay alone. Keeping up with the favorite of the hobbies is also not possible for the patients.

·  Mood swings: The patients may suffer from the constant change in mood, they may feel anxious one minute and fearful the next. In addition to same they are easily upset within their comfort zones with the people they love.

There are a number of symptoms that make the life of the patient and/or their family members extremely difficult but the technology today has somehow seemed to ease such discomfort. Some of the applications from Eventus are an example of how technology helps the patient cope with the disease. EventusLife maintains all the electronic records of the patient and their respective treatments, such records can be easily accessed from anyplace and does not require the patient to remember the details. The application also makes the life of the patient or the caregiver as they can search a doctor nearby or locate a pharmacist near to the patient’s home. For patients suffering from Alzheimer’s such technology is a boon.

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