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Obesity: The Lurking Demon

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Today’s lifestyle has made us susceptible to a number of illnesses. But among the worst of the diseases that our lifestyle has brought upon is obesity. Apparently, obesity is just excess fat that gets accumulated in the body, but the harm and the danger that this simple weight gain puts on our body is not a joke. This demon of a disease is always lurking in the shadows ready to put our health in serious trouble.

Junk food: We are what we love to eat and the food habits of today have made junk foods like pizzas, burgers, fries and aerated drinks become a staple diet for the coming generations. Such food items are high in fats and very low in nutrition, and hence leads to excessive weight gain without boosting our immunity.

  • Overeating: Another common reason for obesity is to continue eating even though the appetite has been satiated, just for the pleasure of taste.
  • Genetics: Other than bad lifestyle habits, some people have a tendency towards obese owing to their genetic formation. A history of this disease in the family is most likely to get carried forward.
  • Physical inactivity: All things said and done, the absence of physical activity from our daily routine makes us gain weight and leads us to become obese.

The disruption that the above-listed reasons are creating is immeasurable, yet there are certain steps that might be adopted to deal with the worsening situation even if genetics is one of the factors for your obesity. Some of these steps have been listed below:

  • Follow a healthy eating plan: Any form of exercise undertaken will show the desired results only if accompanied by a healthy diet plan. Such a plan will reverse the harm done to the body; increase the nutritional intake and reduce the intake of sheer fat. Junk food should be replaced with green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits and whole grains. The portions of the food consumed should also be monitored for best results.
  • Reduce stress: The most common reason of overeating is stress, and therefore measures must be taken to manage stress. Have a good work life balance and involve yourself in recreation and meditation as a regular routine.
  • Increase physical activity: The most effective solution to the problem of obesity is working out the fat. If we increase our physical activity the body starts performing better and minimises our chance of obesity. Taking stairs instead of elevators, answering the doorbell or running errands are some of the examples of the changes that we can bring to our lifestyle.
  • Exercise regularly: Other than increasing the physical activity, an exercise regimen should also be started to shed off the gained weight at the earliest. Be it yoga, walking, gymming, dancing, swimming, sports or any other form of exercise, something must be a part of our daily routine.

Obesity is the lurking demon which can cause major damage to the immune balance and can also permanently hamper our body systems. Hence, this problem must be faced head-on at the earliest to minimize the mangle.

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