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Diwali is a festival that brings lights, joy, contentment, togetherness, a holiday from work, and best of all - tempting and delectable sweets and food. Diwali is a time when everyone indulges in binge eating without any fear of health, diet, and fitness. But we are concerned about you and here are some tips on how to stay healthy during Diwali. Have a look at these tips which will help you to stay healthy during Diwali.


Go for Low-fat & Low-sugar Ingredients:-

We buy or prepare sweets at our home for Diwali, so instead of using the usual white sugar why not opt for brown sugar, maple syrup or sugar-free alternatives for making ladoos, barfi, and kheer. You can also use raising, dates, coconut sugar, honey, fruits, nuts, and dark chocolates to please your sweet tooth. Isn’t that cool! Choose the ingredients carefully, opt for the one which has low quantity of fat and sugar.


Use less Oil:-

As we know in Diwali we all cook deep fried food like puri, kachori, samosa, etc in excessive oil. Excess of oil means high cholesterol which in turn would lead to heart problems in the longer run. So, to keep the heart of your loved ones healthy, you should cook food in limited oil or go for low-cholesterol oil such as rice bran oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, edible almond oil or canola oil.


Stay Hydrated and Fiber-ated:-

This is one of the best ways to keep you away from calorie intake. Drink a glass of water half an hour before eating as water will make your stomach partially full, you will eat less and therefore will intake lesser amount of calories. At the same time, fiber-rich food will help in cutting down calorie count. Hence go for food which contains more fiber such as fruits, nuts, organic jaggery and honey.


Eat as per Advice:-

We know its festival time and no one thinks about diet, but we suggest that you continue to be conscious about what you eat. Choose the food which will help you stay healthy; avoiding an extra workout session after the festival!


Eat in Smaller Plates:-        

Pick a small plate to eat, as a small plate holds a smaller portion thereby helping you to eat lesser. Try not to take a second serving! Avoid junk food like samosa, pakora, pizza, and burger. Instead go for main course items like lentils, cottage cheese, and a plate full of salad. If you realize that you have already consumed an excess of calorie then skip your dinner to balance it out and go for buttermilk or carb fat-free food like tofu, soy milk, or a soy-based protein food.


Engage yourself in physical activity:-

Keep yourself busy in physical activities like dancing, cleaning your house before Diwali, helping your family and friends in decorating their/your house, walking, swimming, and cycling which will enhance your metabolism and burn your excess calories.


We hope these tips will help you in picking up the astute choices and you stay healthy during the festival of lights. With a busy schedule, you might not have time to go to the chemist for your regular medicines and waiting at the doctor’s clinic is too time-consuming. Eventus life app helps you address this challenge. In just one click, book an appointment with your doctor and/or get home delivery of your medicines. Reach out to Eventus at www.eventuslife.com and download our app.

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Eventuslife wishes you sparkling and safe Diwali.

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