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World Diabetes Day

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Diabetes is a lifestyle-related disorder that occurs when our blood glucose is uncontrolled or very high in our blood circulation1. India is second in the world with the largest number (approx. 70 million) of diabetic patients after China (approx. 110 million)2. The prevalence of diabetes in Indians is increasing day by day and health awareness is the primary step towards controlling and managing diabetes3. Hence, to control, prevent, and manage diabetes; the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to enhance diabetes awareness established World Diabetes Day in 19914. The theme of World Diabetes Day 2017 is “Women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future.”

Diabetes in Women

One of the most common forms of diabetes in women is known as gestational diabetes. It occurs during pregnancy because of many hormonal, physiological, and metabolic changes, which leads to accumulation of high blood glucose or hyperglycemia. There is a great need for diabetes awareness in Indian women to prevent gestational diabetes5.     

Diabetes Management in Five Easy Steps

1. Awareness: It is essential to control and manage diabetes, especially in pregnant women (gestational diabetes) and older age groups. Diabetes should not be ignored. Diabetes can affect anyone at any age. Juvenile diabetes is becoming more common day by day and hence children and young adults are more prone to diabetes due to lifestyle choices. We are now days more prone to eating junk food and live a very sedentary lifestyle.

2. Balanced diet: A balanced diet for the diabetic patient should be full of fibrous content, low calorie food, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, low fat milk or skimmed milk and low sugar-containing products. In general, people know that rice and rice containing products should be replaced with wheat containing food. This is a myth as wheat contains equal amount of carbohydrates, which might be harmful for diabetic patients. We should follow the diet chart prescribed by a doctor or dietician.  

3. Yoga & Walking: Daily walking for at least half an hour is essential to maintain a good Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood glucose level. Exercises such as movements of all body parts, Suryanamaskara, Trikonasana, Bakrasana, Bhujangasana, and Savasana are some yoga asana, which helps in self-management of diabetes.

4. Meditation: Stress is the number one risk factor for diabetes and related diseases such as heart attack. Very busy schedules, poor work life balance, living on junk food, irregular food timings etc. are more prone to develop diabetes. If stress is reduced, it balances all hormones, including insulin and reduces the chances of diabetes and related co-morbidities; obesity, hypertension and heart disease. Meditation along with deep breathing exercises for just 40 minutes is the best way to control stress and diabetes.    

5. Monitoring & Checkups: Blood sugar monitoring and adherence to regular medical checkups are also effective methods for management of diabetes. Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes will help in controlling diabetes through oral medications to maintain a healthy life ahead.

Helping Hand of Eventus

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