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World Food Day

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World Food Day is celebrated as the founding day of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations; founded in 1945.To promote worldwide awareness, approximately 150 countries around the world have come together to join in the mission to take action against hunger, ensure food safety and healthy diet for all. The theme of World Food Day October 16, 2017, is to “Change the future of migration and invest in food security and rural development”

It is very surprising to know that of the around 2.1 billion people in poverty worldwide, approximately 800 million hungry people live in rural areas. Poverty and lack of awareness leads to malnourishment and hence, in turn, leads to many nutritional deficiency diseases. The Indian Government has addressed the issue of hunger by providing mid-day meals in all schools as a mandatory service to all school going kids in rural India.

The financial and economic crisis has a major impact on the poor nutrition prevalent in developing countries. The farmers are unable to grow good quality food and hence use chemicals to increase their production; which in turn makes the food harmful and susceptible to many diseases. This does not apply necessarily to the rural areas alone but also to people in urban areas who do not get complete nutritious food at meal times. We often come across worrying information such as hormones being injected to make vegetables grow bigger, or artificial ripening of fruits etc. This compels us to think whether any of the food we are eating is safe. Over the long run, we may face negative consequences of nutritional deficiency diseases such as delayed growth in children, problems in eyesight etc. The Government of India and agricultural organizations have taken prompt actions to move the inorganic agriculture to organic cultivation and India has succeeded to make Sikkim a complete organic agricultural state in the country. This is a remarkable move towards better health!


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