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Ever wondered how the SUN has always been such a boon to us, indispensable to our survival and yet without any adverse effects? The truth is that we owe our survival on this planet despite its proximity to the sun, without experiencing its contravening side, to the prevalence of the ever important Ozone layer. A single molecule of this gas is formed using three of oxygen, and this single molecule has the unparalleled quality of absorbing the harmful UV rays emanating from the Sun. If not for this thin layer of gas in the stratosphere of this planet all exposed life forms on the planet would be under a potential damage. These UV rays have the capacity to generate skin cancers, immunity suppression and cataracts among human and with respect to the animal kingdom such rays affect their fertility and decrease the viability of their offspring, even in plants these rays hamper the growth.

The only fact currently promising our doom is the depletion of such crucial layer within our atmosphere. Such depletion can cause catastrophic changes in our environment and ecosystems. Thus, it is imperative to seek ways to ensure that this layer does not deplete. Some of the means that can be practiced by the layman have been listed below:

●  One of the main reasons for the depletion of the ozone layer is through the man-made halocarbon refrigerants such as CFCs, as they break the ozone molecules and turn them into oxygen. Such harmful chemicals are mostly contained in halogenated hydrocarbon-based fire extinguishers, aerosol products like hair sprays and deodorants and pre-1995 refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. To avoid such hazardous act on our part, we should avoid the use of the above-listed products and switch to better and more Eco-Friendly substitutes.


●   Driving less or decreasing the use of private vehicles. Vehicular emissions result in smog, which eventually becomes the culprit in depletion of the ozone layer. Therefore as far as possible private vehicles should be substituted with public transport, walking or carpooling. Preferring the local produce of a maximum number of products will also lead to less pollution been generated through the transport of such products and eventually a decrease in vehicular emissions.


●  Limit the use of pesticides. The pesticides that we come across in our everyday life are formed using chemicals which are responsible for the emission of CFCs and therefore the use of such pesticides increases the emission of such chemicals in the atmosphere.


●  Another one of the most dangerous chemicals that leads to the depletion of the ozone layer is the Nitrous oxide. This chemical is basically let into the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic matter. Thus the use of such decomposed material is extremely unhealthy for the environment and hence we should avoid the use of fertilizers and consume less of meat.

The compliance of the above said points would be our share to protect the environment. We should practice and spread the knowledge about the same to as maximum an extent as possible, as it is crucial to our survival on this beautiful planet.


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