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The monsoons bring in a whole lot of excitement and refreshment that helps people drive away the summer heat. It’s a change welcomed by most, even from those who do not like to get their feet wet. However, the change of season also brings with it a lot of uninvited elements, like water borne diseases and ailments, which are more likely to affect us due to low immunity during the season. Here are some healthy tips that can help you stay healthy and enjoy the monsoons this year.

With monsoons, everyone develops a taste for savory snacks like the gol-guppas, bhajiyas and other mouth watering chaats. However, the water used in the preparation of these delicacies by the local vendors is quite questionable, and should therefore be avoided during the rainy season. If you still feel the craving, have some home-made snacks instead.

Avoid drinking water from taps outside or other watering points as water borne diseases are at peak during the monsoons. Carry your own bottle of RO purified or boiled water as much as you can. If not able to do so, make sure that you buy bottled water from reliable vendors. Also avoid drinking shakes and juices from outside.

Make sure that you eat sumptuous yet light meals during the monsoons. Deep fried and spicy foods are rich in salts and cause water retention, acidity and indigestion. Try lighter home-made foods like fresh fruits & salads, moong daal, khichri, corn and oatmeal that help with an easy digestion.

The monsoon season is high in humidity levels and therefore leads to a water drainage from the body. So, if you are a regular fitness person, try avoiding the high intensity exercises and gym session. You can follow a light regime like yoga, swimming and stretching to avoid excess drainage from your body, while maintaining that healthy streak.

Rains in India are unpredictable and erratic to say the least. Make sure that you carry your required protection while stepping outside your home or office. Stay drenched in rain for longer periods can fluctuate body temperature. Several compact raincoats and umbrellas are available in the market that are easy to carry and can keep you sheltered from the rains as you enjoy its beauty. 

Cheer Up Your Old Man With Loads Of Love And Amazing Gifts This Father’s Day

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From giving us the first piggyback ride to teaching us how to ride a bicycle, he has always been there by our side whenever we needed them. Even when he is under extreme work pressure, he never forgets to smile at us and take us out for movies on weekends. He is the person all boys idolize and all girls want their life partners to be like. He is the Shaktimaan of our life, he is our Father!

Repaying back his efforts is something which we can’t even dare to complete in one lifetime. But we can do something to make his eyes light up on the occasion of Father Day. With only a few days left for 18th June, have you planned how will you surprise your old fella?

You surely don’t need to splurge all your savings for buying the most extravagant gift. The fact that you will be make an effort in doing something is enough to make him teary eyed. From his favorite audio cd’s to a pin striped t-shirt - the choices are endless when you visit a gift store. And in case you have some extra creative cells in your body then you can go ahead and draw him a postcard or even make a wall hanging with his childhood pictures.

However, no one can deny that the best gift is ensuring his medical well-being. For that, you can register him with us at www.eventuslife.com where you will get hordes of services like booking appointments with doctors and getting medicines delivered to your house. May this never happen but imagine a situation when your father suddenly experiences chest pain at the dead of night. Surely doesn’t paint a very pretty picture right? But with www.eventuslife.com by your side, you don’t need to worry as we can instantly provide you with a list of doctors near your locality and chemist shops which have home delivery facilities. So something to think about that’ll last beyond a day - a gift of health and wellness always!