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How to reduce weight in one month

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With binge eating becoming a part of our lifestyle we are unknowingly adding oodles of extra flab to our body. This careless act on our part is spreading obesity like a wildfire among modern generations. And how are we fighting the same? Well we are starving ourselves to make up for all those extra cheese burgers we gobbled up one day. But do you know starving causes an extreme fluctuation in our body nutrients leading the way for other serious ailments to affect our low in immunity body!

The primary thing which people need to comprehend is that weight loss can’t be achieved overnight. It requires patience and a perfect admixture of a carefully laid out diet and regular exercise. We at Eventuslife have come up with a few weight loss tips which can help you lose up to 10 pounds in a month.

  • One pound of body weight sums up to 3500 calories. So in order to lose 1 pound you need to cut down your diet by 3500 calories. For achieving the same you can start by reducing intake of 500 calories on a daily basis to achieve your weekly target of 3500. Replace bigger meals with more regular smaller portions.

  • Weight gain goes hand in hand with a few delicious food items like processed foods, energy drinks, rice, pasta, bread, potato chips, sodas and candies to name a few. Thus staying away from these lip smackers would surely help you out in fighting your weight issues.

  • Drinking minimum 8 glasses of water not only detoxifies and hydrates our body but also acts as a healthier supplement to aerated drinking sodas. Water fills in our belly and minimizes our hunger cravings. You can sometimes sip in lime and orange juices as a calorie free yet tastier option compared to plain water. Green tea which is slowly becoming a rage amongst health freaks can also be tried out.

  • Nothing beats exercising when it comes to sweating out for shedding those layers of fat. Be it cardio training or plain squats they can stimulate weight loss as well as increase our metabolism speed which fosters faster burning of calorie.

  • In case intensive workouts don’t get you motivated, then brisk walking can set the ball rolling for you.