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Eventus speciality CLINICS

Our Eventus OPD Clincs also extends to meet specific requirements of various specialties such as Dental, Paediatrics, ObsGynae, Ophthalmology and many more. We can further customize Eventus to meet your specific specialty or clinic requirements. In addition to the features available in Eventus OPD Clinic the following specialty-specific features are also present.


A complete solution for dental diagnostic centres which includes patient administration, inventory management with package specification and integration to billing, category customisations, referral information, and integration with existing diagnostic software (Eventus Diagnostic is also available, if required).


  • Graphical and interactive Dental Examination and Dental Treatment screens with both adult and child charts.
  • Treatment linked with billing.
  • Dental Prescriptions and ability to create reusable medication templates.
  • Eventus OPD Clinic features also available


  • Chart-based child immunization chart from 0-18 years
  • Ability to automate immunization reminder SMS to patient parents/guardians
  • Height and weight growth charts with ability to assess the child’s growth centile
  • Calculator for child drug dosage calculation.
  • Eventus OPD Clinic features also available.


  • Detailed and relevant obstetric and gynecological history-taking of patient.
  • Detailed and relevant obstetric and gynecological examination of patient with automatic EDD calculation, fundal charts, TPA, etc.
  • Eventus OPD Clinic features also available


  • Relevant ophthalmology examination with recording of previous and current spectacle reading, anterior segment, visual acuity, and a graphical tool to colour the fundus finding.
  • Eventus OPD Clinic features also available
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